About the Author

Nikki McArrthur

Nikki McArrthur

In 2004 Nikki McArthur (with her husband and three children), traded in her life as an IT trainer and Hotelier in the UK, to live the good life in rural South West France. She now has five children, runs a letting business, Garden Centre and Landscaping business, gardening  club and has also found the time to persue her love for writing.

Nikki is in the process of publishing a book on Moving to France as a family which will be released later this year. A further two books. Starting a Business in France and another on finding happiness and contentment are to be published next year.

A Mother in France blog started several years ago and Nikki has been invited to write many guest posts on other sites such as The Good life France, Mademoiselle Slimalicious, Mummy in Provence, Vegemitevix and various gardening articles for local papers and Guide2midipyrenees. She received early reecognition for her blogging skills in a review by the popular anglofrench site A Taste of Garlic and was awarded Blogger of the week.

A dedicated mother and natural helper and organiser, Nikki enjoys sharing the knowledge and experience she’s gained over the years, which has been her drive for writing. Her practical and down to earth approach to life shines through in her work and is popular with her regular followers.  She uses her organisational skills to arrange several fund raising events at her garden centre and home for her favourite charities The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Les Potes a Pouf Dog Refuge and Frank Water.


3 Responses to About the Author

  1. momofnine says:

    I just stumbled across your blog and I love reading it! Thank you.

  2. WhyNot says:

    Well done on starting up your own Garden centre! I hope that one day we’ll be able to locate it and find some great plants 😉

    I see that you write about gardening quite often and since you have your own garden centre, I wanted to ask you for some advice. I’m not sure how well you know the rest of France, but are there any areas in France where one can grow mango trees outside? I’m looking for a property somewhere (probably around the South or maybe around the Dordogne) where it doesn’t snow and I can grow some rosemary, mangoes and citrus. Maybe an Avo tree and pomegranate as well? Any clue of where exactly I can look? I know that Paris and Normandy will be out… So woll Loire valley, because they get snow.

    Thank you for your time, I do hope you can help me. 🙂

    • Hi there, we can grow Rosemary and pomegranate here in the South West, citrus too but they need to be under cover in the winter. You would need to look in the south east of France (Nice/Cannes) where the winters are much milder to have a chance of growing Mangoes and avocados.

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